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5 Hidden Meanings for Gemstones That Will Surprise You

5 Hidden Meanings for Gemstones That Will Surprise You

When you look at jewelry, the first thing that probably catches your eye is the gemstone set in the bracelet, necklace, or ring. Beyond knowing what style of jewelry your loved one prefers, it is also great to know a bit about the meaning of gemstones so that you can pick the best one for the unique recipient. Here are 5 meanings of gemstones that you might not expect:

  1. Analysis of Pearls Pearls Meaning - Orti Jewelry

Perhaps the most classic of all gemstones, pearls symbolize honor, reliability, and serenity. They come in different colors too, with each shade having its own meaning. For example, the pink pearl means triumph or celebrity, while the timeless white pearl symbolizes a pure heart and mind, as well as fresh beginnings. Some people believe that pearls can increase your femininity and that they provide insight into ourselves, as well as how we appear to other people.

  1. What Does Zircon Mean?

According to folk wisdom, zircon brings wisdom and balance to those who wear it in jewelry. Zircon stones are said to carry deep spiritual energy, providing a buffer of light around the body of the wearer that protects this person from negative energy. The healing attributes of zircon are many, according to legend, including feeling happier with yourself.

  1. Hidden Aquamarine Meanings

Wearing a bracelet or other jewelry that contains aquamarine is believed to encourage clarity of mind. It has also been said to be treasure left by mermaids. Also, surprising is that these pretty gemstones are thought to calm ocean waves, keeping sailors safe at sea, as well as preventing seasickness. Belief in the soothing effect of aquamarine is one you may just be learning about now!

  1. The Symbolism of Diamonds Symbolism of Diamonds - Orti Jewelry

Perhaps the most popular of all gemstones is the diamond. Their name comes from the Greek “adamas,” which means unconquerable. As they are strong, long-lasting gemstones, diamonds are associated with eternity; for this reason, they are often a great choice for romantic jewelry, such as bracelets and engagement rings.

  1. Surprising Ideas about Garnet

This gemstone’s meaning has long been one of nobility. Did you know that in Egypt, the pharaohs wore red garnet necklaces? It has also been used as a sacred stone by the Native American Indians, the Aztecs, and the Mayans. Garnet’s name is derived from the Latin word Granatum, meaning pomegranate, which is because of the resemblance of the stone to the seeds of the fruit.


The hidden meanings of these five gemstones are impressive and surprising. The five gemstones listed above are vast and splendid in appearance, with their connotations providing extra significance to the jewelry you wear and give to others.

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