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Color Symbolism and Handmade Jewelry

Color Symbolism and Handmade Jewelry

Handmade jewelry is becoming very popular all over the world and there is more than one good reason for this. Namely, handmade jewelry comes with a unique design, it is made by creative artisans manually, it is affordable and comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

While we are talking about colors, it is good to mention that there is special color symbolism when it comes to handmade jewelry and if you want to buy a piece of jewelry like this, you should learn more about this symbolism. Even though in most cases people associate the color of the gemstone, the fact is that other elements of jewelry can come in different colors, so we should focus on the overall appearance of the piece of jewelry in question.

Now let’s learn more about the colors and their symbolism.

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To start with, let’s talk about brown color which is one of the colors frequently found in Orti jewelry.

According to many sources, individuals who are fond of brown color are usually orderly and disciplined. We should not forget that this is an earthly color which is often linked to the material aspect of our lives. Brown is available in many tones and shades, but each of these shades can easily blend in the surroundings. Use brown jewelry in case you want to hide your feelings and emotions and remain neutral.

For many people, black color is controversial, but fashionistas and jewelry lovers agree that this color is beautiful. When it comes to jewelry and clothing, black is considered to be an elegant and formal color. Just like wearing brown jewelry, wearing black one can help you avoid attention, but it depends on the piece of jewelry you have chosen. At Orti Jewelry there are many pieces that can make you stand out from the crowd. Black is a color that discreetly says “I am here”.

For those who didn’t know, red is the warmest color. Red is often linked to heat, warmth, and fire. People have always been fascinated by this color because among other things our blood is red which mean that it is often associated with vitality and life. In case you want to feel more energized, boost your enthusiasm and protect yourself from anxiety and fear, you can’t go wrong by choosing jewelry that has red color on it.

We should not forget to mention the gray color which is often found in different types of jewelry. This color is a neutral color that keeps the emotions and feelings of the wearer safe from the others. It is the best idea to use this color when you want to neutralize or at least lower the intensity of other colors.

Finally, many people know that gold color is the color of wealth, but only a few of them are aware of the fact that the gold color also symbolizes good health and prosperity. Those who wear gold color are considered optimistic and positive. Using gold color, as part of your jewelry or clothing means showing off your confidence, power, and courage.

These are the most popular colors used in handmade jewelry today and as you can see their symbolism is strong.

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