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Emoji Bracelets: Express Your Mood through Jewelry

Emoji Bracelets: Express Your Mood through Jewelry

If you’re someone who loves adding emojis to text messages, then emoji jewelry is perfect for you. Now you can express your current mood by wearing a unisex emoji charm bracelet, with a range of choices available to coordinate with your different emotions. Check out the latest way to express yourself with what you wear!

Go Wacky with This Emoji Face Bracelet

This Zany Emoji Face Bracelet is sure to make you and everyone you come across smile when you wear it on your wrist. The fun metal pendant that features a winking face with tongue stuck out is just as giggle-worthy as the emoji on your phone. Joking around is a great part of life, and now you can celebrate this mood by wearing emoji jewelry that fits perfectly to your wrist by simply adjusting the sliding knot.

Show ‘em the Thumbs Up

Your upbeat personality shines through when you wear this Thumbs Up Sign Metal Charm Bracelet. With the positive thumbs up symbol showing on your wrist in a stylish design of metal with waxed black ropes and leather, you are not only spreading happiness but also showing awesome fashion sense.

Jewelry with Kissable Emoji Style

When you feel like a flirt, the Emoji Bracelet Face Throwing a Kiss is a great jewelry piece to wear on your wrist. The metal emoji pendant features a winking face with lips puckering up for a kiss. This trendy bracelet is perfect for wearing when you know you’ll be around that special guy or gal, like on date later this week. The multi-colored wax ropes and leather band go well with both casual and dressy outfits.

Perfect for the Devilish Mood

This unisex charm bracelet features a metal pendant depicting a smiling emoji with horns, which means that you might be able to get away with more than usual when you’re sporting this funky bracelet. The multi-color band of ropes and leather accentuate the playfulness of the emoji design.

Wearing Your Emotions, Literally

These emoji bracelets are just a few of the many new styles available from Orti Jewelry that are turning heads. Other emoji-inspired bracelets in the affordable collection include the peace sign, clapping hands, flexed biceps, open mouth, heart, and couple kiss. Get more than one so that you can coordinate your jewelry to your current mood, showing your friends at a glance what you’re feeling today, and have fun with fashion!

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