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What are the Fashion Origins of Boho Style?

What are the Fashion Origins of Boho Style?

You have likely heard the phrase boho-chic, but lesser known is the origin of the bohemian style. The fashion history of free-spirited boho style dates back more than 200 years.

The Start of Bohemian Sub-culture

Bohemian culture emerged in France soon after the French Revolution as part of having a minimalistic lifestyle. Bohemians at this time were for the most part nomads and artists; they wore free-flowing clothing and jewelry that were often used or worn out. With time, their appearance became a work of art in itself.

By the mid-1800s, Bohemian style had become somewhat of a cult, with old shoes and threadbare flowing articles of clothing becoming ironically fashionable. The boho lifestyle was known for rejecting the concept of materialism. One of the first bohemian artists at this time was Danta Rossetti, a poet and painter in England who depicted a boho woman in his painting titled “Fanny Cornforth.”

In the 20th century, boho-style attire continued to be worn by men and women; loose clothing was by now a key feature of bohemian fashion. The styles began to resemble designs of the past too, including medieval and oriental motifs. One of the leading French fashion designers in the early 1900s was Paul Poiret, who created harem pants and the hobble skirt; both pieces are still common in bohemian outfits.

Bohemian Style Today

The boho style is still popular today and is known as boho-chic or hippie-chic. It is somewhat of a mix between hippie and beatnik designs. Rainbow-colored scarves, used clothes, peasant-style pieces, patched items, and layering are all common elements of a bohemian look. The look of the hair and makeup is natural, while the clothing and accessories are eclectic.

A great way to complete the outfit is by wearing unique jewelry, such as unisex bohemian bracelets. They are multilayer and colorful, with adjustable ropes to fit any size of wrist comfortably. This type of jewelry is a great way to stand out from the crowd and also feel comfortable as you express your inner mood.

The woven wrap bands look great with any boho-chic outfit; this kind of jewelry adds to the individualized, spirited look of your ensemble. The colorful bracelets are handmade and have a boho-tribal look that speaks to the creativity of the wearer. Show your personal style with the unique, affordable boho bracelets. May your free spirit shine!

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