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Orti jewelry is not your regular outdoor brand. We offer some of the most unique pieces for our customers to wear. The brand came into existence in 2015 and has been making its mark in the market ever since. We are based in New Jersey.

With numerous jewelry brands present in the market you would want to know what makes us different from others. Well the answer is inspiration. We hire craftsmen with special skills who make inspirational jewelry pieces for our customers. By inspiration, we mean things that inspire the goodness in people, the beauty and the charisma!
We believe that every person has a different source for inspiration so our craftsmen mark those things and mould them into jewelry pieces for you to wear.

Although our craftsmen have been making these beautiful jewelry pieces for the last five years but it was only one year ago when we decided to take the brand to a larger scale, and introduce our products all over USA, and across the globe through our online services. Presently we have two warehouses one of which is in New Jersey, and the other is in Munich Germany.

We make unique handmade pieces for our customers and every piece has something special about it. We appreciate creativity and try to make every piece unique and beautiful with creativity. It’s not just about wearing jewelry, our pieces make our customers stand out because they are so unique, beautiful and attractive. They make the observers wonder the meaning behind every stone and symbol. Another feature about our jewelry which we take great pride in is the use of the gifts of Mother Nature in our jewelry pieces. We use leather braids, cords and straps mixed with natural gemstones or metals like silver and brass. The use of natural products and with the creativity of our craftsmen in the use of contrasting colors we proudly present one the best jewelry pieces in the market and when our customers wear these pieces they never fail to make a statement. Another feature of our jewelry is that they can be worn both by men and women and we have a variety of colors available for our customers though most of them are dark shades which can be worn with various colors of outfits. Our jewelry also serves as a perfect gift for your friends and loved ones.

By buying our products you are not only buying one the best pieces for yourself that will last longer as we ensure durability but you are also supporting our hardworking craftsmen who put their sweat and blood into their work and come up with these unique pieces that make you stand out. By going online we have saved you the hassle of going out and looking for the handmade jewelry of your liking. You can just get to it by a single click on our website.

Now that you know who we are and what makes us special, do visit our jewelry collection and shop for your favorite pieces right away.


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